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My Story

I have used my Background as a Business Lecturer and my dating experiences to create this comprehensive, results-based course that is broken up into 4  interactive parts that are easy to follow and learn from.

Treat this as a go-to resource for as long as you require.  I will be updating the material on this Website on a weekly basis.  

You can use the information on here to reset your Level Up Strategy, as a Confidence Boost, or just as a reminder and affirmation on your journey towards finding your Provider man.

Now... a little bit about my history.  I found myself as a single mother separated from a cheating partner I once loved in a very desperate situation. I wished that I had been taught the strategy of how to date intentionally in order to forge a life I really wanted a great deal earlier in life.


Starting over meant reassessing my life making tough decisions and venturing out into the unknown of trying to find a relationship with a provider man. With years of experience, I am willing to share what worked and didn’t work for me.


I want younger women to be more equipped and knowledgeable and older women to use the necessary tools without feeling it is too late. Most women now are familiar with the term Hypergamy. You have probably read the books and seen the Youtube videos which is great.


But in order to enter such a relationship… you need to find a Provider first and this journey starts with your mindset.


Freestyling in London poses many different challenges that are not discussed and are unique and different from other areas.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with you.  My goal is to help you develop your skills and reach your full potential. Join me and become part of the Afrodite community today! If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with me through our contact page.

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